We at filewall.io believe that clean documents can make a significant contribution to protecting your network from malware. Especially when many users use a network and have to open emails with attachments, filewall.io can protect your network at this vulnerable point. Once a virus has entered your system undetected by a virus scanner, it's already too late.

Clean documents makes a difference!

What does filewall.io?

filewall.io cleans your documents from possible malicious code and prevents a buffer overflow in your system. The documents are automatically opened end-to- end encrypted in a virtual secure environment and copied by screenshot. This means that when you download a file with filewall.io, you automatically receive a secure copy of your document that is guaranteed to be free of malicious code.

Why filewall.io?

Cybercrime is a rapidly growing problem for businesses and individuals. A survey by Bitcom Research has shown that 22.35 billion loss only in the German industrial sector in 2016. 69% of all companies are affected and 20% are probably affected.

In addition to the theft of physical objects such as devices or documents (52%), the other attacks (48%) happened online. Theft of electronic documents, sabotage of business processes, spying on e-mails and intercepting telephone calls are just a few of them.

An updated system and an up-to-date virus scanner are no longer sufficient to protect against the multitude of possible attacks. From media reports it has long been known that governments keep exploitable vulnerabilities secret and even buy them in order to to use them for spying on targets. Since the vulnerabilities can also be acquired by criminals on the Darknet, there is a very high risk of becoming a victim of such an attack. Virus scanners are not able to detect them all.

The main gateway for getting malware is by clicking on links, opening attachments in emails and downloading files from the Internet. For example the malware Emotet can even hide in ordinary PDF documents. Emotet is a so-called all-purpose weapon on the Internet, which makes it possible to let attackers performing very extensive espionage and control functions. In addition to the transmission of sensitive passwords, it is possible to do almost everything that the Command-and-Control-Server decides. In addition, Emotet has a worm component and can automatically infect other devices in your network. Emotet has also been used to infect hundreds of thousands of systems with the WannaCry ransomware. The led to fully encrypted systems. The attackers demanded a ransom for the decryption.

filewall.io will help you to protect yourself effectively against many attacks. With filewall.io you can be sure that you only download clean documents to your computer without malicious code.

Finally safe: filewall.io is available free of charge!