Download the finished, secure file.


GET $download_url

where $download_url is the URL displayed in the field in the response body of a successful status request. See Status for details.

Request Example

curl -OJ $download_url

import requests, json
r = requests.get(status_response["links"]["download"])
download_filename = r.headers.get("content-disposition").split('; filename="')[-1].split('"')[0]
download_content  = r.content


The response contains the processed output file.

Response Header

Header Field Value
Content-Disposition The output file name in the form attachment; filename="example.pdf"
Note: Displayed only when processing was successful.

Response Body


Response Codes

Code Value Description Response Body Value
200 Ok Download successful. Binary data
400 Bad Request The download link has expired or the request is broken. empty

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